Hospital Fruit Arrangements

Sending a fruit gift basket to Lake Macquarie Private Hospital is simple using Newcastle's all time best fruit hamper vendor.  It is no surprise that Hunter Valley Hampers are chosen as preferred fruit basket suppliers for Lake Mac Private Hospital - and you will understand when you see the superb quality of the fruit for yourself.

Just recently we came across this inspiring article sharing the quality and value of fruit gifts for get well soon occasions.  It is easy to see why fruit gift baskets are so highly valued as fruit bouquet gifts for get well soon at a hospital.  See for yourself and read the full article.

"Japan is most likely the only nation in the world where you have fruit as a gift concept," said Hiroshio Fukunara, a supervisor at Fruit Gifts Online, whose main store in Nagasi alone sells 40 to 50 precious melons a day and as many as 200 a day in the course of the mid-year and end-year gift-giving seasons. At Fruit Bouquet, "99 percent of the purchases here are for gift," Fukunara said.

In the age-old lifestyle of get well gift giving, a melon may be provided as an unique present to an important client, a business associate, to a professional to whom a debt of appreciation is owed, or to an ill friend as a get-well-soon gesture.


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