Send a Fruit Basket for Delivery

 Send a Fruit Basket for Delivery across Lake Macquarie for all life events and occasions, from get well to new parents or new baby. CALL 1300 284 684 to ORDER TODAY!

Charity Hampers are a great fundraiser at Christmas
From the elegantly spare industrial motto of the limes and one lemon fruit basket to the joy of sharing a charity hamper with some hardworking fundraising staff, a fruit baskets speaks of gratitude and just honest thanks.
Fresh Cut fruit baskets image with tropical fruits
There's no denying the impact of fresh cut fruit


Read Jenny's Testimonial here

Jenny is a busy mum of two, a wife, a business owner, goes to yoga as often as time permits, and walks around the block regularly.  Now suddenly there's talk of a tumor and she's spending her first night in hospital since Joshua' birth seven years ago.

Sending a Fruit Basket across Lake Macquarie, from Belmont South to Speers Point to Charlestown, is effortless when you choose Newcastle Fruit Baskets.

Getting delivery right is the most important thing with Fruit Basket and Fruit Hampers.  If it's not same day, you are at a disadvantage, although with correct packaging, overnight delivery is advisable.

The second most important thing with fruit baskets for delivery is the amount of fruit and it's blemish free quality.  If in doubt about who will deliver the actual gift basket if it made by an affiliate group, ask and get a feedback number.

Not for everyone; Industrial Fruit Basketry
Also, when you get your thanks call of appreciation, be shrewd enough to ask your recipient about a specific component of the fruit hamper - whether it be the piece of cheese or bottle of wine - and don't be surprised if the item isn't there.

Here's a list of our popular delivery destinations across Lake Macquarie.

Lake Macquarie Private Hospital, Gateshead,
Maitland Private Hospital, Greenhills,
Hillsborough Industrial Estate
Warners Bay Business Precinct
Toronto CBD
Fennel Bay, Blackalls Park, Teralba, Belmont Hospital,
Kitsch:  Some Fruit Baskets are a bit Over the Top

When you want to send a Fruit Hamper or Fruit Basket, there are three things you need to keep in mind. 

Making sure you are getting value for money, getting a generous fruit arrangement, and being able to rely on an experienced designer to create you fruit hamper.  Importantly, it is not about the sheer convenience of using a local florist - there is a distinct difference between a florists' effort and the generous market fresh of a true fruit hamper specialist.

1.  Getting Value for Money
Fruit Hampers Info offers a simple pricing schedule of $59 small, $79 large and $99 Grande.  Most times you will be satisfdied with a small, as it is generous enough for a couple of people to have a few serves fo fruit over the week.

For a bigger impact, go Grande and share the benefits of larger fruits, more diversity and seasonal gems as they are available.  Be aware that a florists' idea of a fruit basket - and the small size of counted fruit pieces - like eight pieces of fruit in an arrangement for $80.
Fruit Hampers call 1300 284 684
2. Generous Fruit Arrangement
Fruit Hampers are all about sharing the freshest seasonal fruit in a way that shows generosity, abundance and a genuine feeling of giving - all of this is dependent on an approach where plenty of fruit is included.  You want the basket overflowing with fruit, and brimming with whatever is in peak season.

People appreciate a good serving of fruit and notice that the time and effort is equal to the occasion.

3.  Experienced Designers Make a Difference.
Knowing how to put together the right fruit basket makes a real difference when you are aiming to make a lasting impression.


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  2. New volunteers are encouraged to join an existing Landcare group in their area.

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  3. Significant population centres in Lake Macquarie include:

    Speers Point
    Warners Bay

    1. GREAT POINT - Importantly, it is not about the sheer convenience of using a local florist - there is a distinct difference between a florists' effort and the generous market fresh of a true fruit hamper specialist.

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