Christmas Hampers Sydney

It's Christmas 2015! 
 Time to celebrate with friends, 
maybe let your hair down, 
embrace the good life.  

2015 Sydney Christmas hampers
Christmas Hampers Sydney 2015
You've embraced a healthy diet and physically active lifestyle – but feel concerned that a cherished loved one has let it slide a little. You want to help but fear it's a sore subject. Is it worth bringing up or shutting up? The answer is: It depends. Check out these 10 suggestions for how to address a loved one's weight issue at Christmas.

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 1. Does the person on your Christmas Wish List actually have a health issue? Just because a loved one close to you seems overweight to you or you see him or her eating certain Youletide and Festive foods doesn't mean they have a health issue.

Discover more about her health and ask, "How did it go with the doctor? How did your tests go?" People may become defensive at Christmas and around the Season at the end of the year if you assume they're unhealthy just by looking at them or their Christmas dinner Hamper order.

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 2. Speak for yourself. Instead of pointing out his or her "problem," tell your loved one you're worried, and be specific. One good habit is to always start sentences with "I", not "you." Try this: "I am so worried that the doctor said you have pre-diabetes. What can I do to help with this at Christmas?" Not this: "You've gained a lot of fat around your ass. More exercise and less Christmas Pudding would help you burn it off."

Concern should be conveyed with love, not criticism or demands. Christmas Gift Baskets are a nice way to let people know you love them.

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3. Be a positive consequence when sharing festive gift hampers with the family. Behavior for charity and gift giving occasions with hampers and baskets at Christmas is strongly affected by consequences. Our only real power to affect others' behavior is through reactions to them, because our reactions are their consequences.

It's Christmas in Australia - after all! Provide genuine positive feedback when your loved one has a healthy accomplishment, no matter how small. "Wow, mom, you've been walking a great deal!" Your momma could probably use a Gourmet Christmas Hamper cheerleader, and that should be you.

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 4. "You should so come with!" Invite your loved one to join you in a healthy Christmas and Season's Greetings activity. Ask your sister to sign up for a 5K walk with you, or suggest bowling on a night when you would normally watch movies. Be thoughtful about your loved one's activity level, though – don't invite a sedentary loved one to sign up for a triathlon. Being active together is a great way to enjoy the time you spend together.

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 5. Give healthy gifts. When it comes time for a Xmas, Kris Kringle or other Christmas holiday, buy your loved one a healthy gift that he or she would enjoy. For example, instead of flowers, go with a fruit basket. Instead of a gift card to a high-calorie restaurant, buy one for a healthy grocery store. If mom loves to dance, buy her a free private Gift Basket for Sydney Delivery each lesson. The gift should resonate with your loved one's interests. For example, a set of exercise DVDs might feel more like a hint than a gift. 

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 6. Be careful about mixed messages when sharing presents delivery around the Christmas Tree. Be sure not to express concern about a loved one's health and then take her out to a buffet Christmas Turkey Feast, or bring junk celebration food over or complain about watching the kids when she's at the gym. This will passively undermine your efforts with gourmet hampers Australia.

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 7. Understand the challenges of delivering Christmas Hampers in Australia. Even though you conquered your gourmet xmas gift challenges, your loved one may have different challenges and hasn't quite conquered them yet.

When someone isn't making healthy gluten free changes, we often assume he's just choosing not to, but his experience might be more difficult than you think. Offer to listen share a gourmet gift hamper or fruit basket, empathize with the difficult choices and provide feedback at Christmas.

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 8. Go the other way. Most people who would like to live a healthier Christmas lifestyle but don't follow through have had a hard time getting started. This state of wanting but not doing is ambivalence. Trying to convince an so-so person to "just do it!" may just push him or her further away from doing it. If they're of the mind, "I know exercise is good for me, but it's hard to make time," then you saying, "But you really should be making early bird exercising!" may push them to explain further why it is so hard. Instead, shift your perspective.

 Try showing understanding for their ambivalence by saying, "Sounds like you're pretty busy, it's Australia's Best Christmas Gourmet Gift Hampers time and it's going to be tough to fit it in. Maybe now is not a good time?" An ambivalent person will likely come back with reasons why they can do it, "No, I'm just making excuses I can make Xmas in 2015. I need to stop staying so late at work."

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 9. Be gentle at Chrtistmas. Bullying, nagging ("Have you exercised yet today?), passive aggression ("Are you going to eat that?!"), lectures ("Exercise is important because...") and scare tactics ("Do you know how awful gluten free is?") are not only ineffective, but they typically result in ruinging Christmas. You may even trigger defiant behavior such that the person will be more resistant to change or intentionally go against your wishes to spite you.

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 10. Let it go, just for the thrill of Christmas 2015. If the Xmas Gift hamper and gift basket conversation is causing you or your loved one stress, it isn't healthy. Showing concern and support is great, but know when to let it go. Nothing is worth destroying the lovely Christmas time you have together.

 Now go forth and spread peace and joy in the world - it's Christmas 2015 after all!

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Aging and obesity will be the next two most significant conditions that might lead to death. Talking at the United Nations, a professor of international health and wellness  solutions at Harvard University, and the director of the International Health Systems Cluster at Harvard T.H. Chan College of Epidemiology, Mr Rifat Atun, said.

Infectious diseases present a threat but nothing like the sustained lifestyle issues that results form lifetime chronic obesity. Losing weight and keeping a healthy weight in the Body Mass Index (BMI) weight range is the best method to avoid health challenges. Particularly, Ebola has been maintained and effectively controlled, so the focus is squarely back on controlling fat consumption and regulating weight gain.

Dealing with weight gain is much more than a medical problem, with entrenched business models based on selling high fat high taste high salt products and shifting the corporate model from this needs considerable political pressure. Aside from infectious diseases, Atun said obesity and obesity-related chronic diseases similar to hypertension, heart diseases and diabetes will be the coming future's massively important health problems. "The second-most important problem will certainly be physical changes that emerge with aging," he said.

And combining the two, a child with obesity could literally live 50 plus years presenting regularly at hospital and clogging the system with the various related complaints which come with obesity.

Weight problems is also complicated through the fact that it is not simply a health related ailment - it is also has social and cultural implications. Rapid food and the dependence on fatty salty foods and then sweet calorie dense foods means that a whole industry has developed around supplying these products, and then dismantling it is not like simple as just advising people to buy other products.

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The whole industrial complex is geared to producing cheap, fatty foods and supplying it at speed - which means people are able to commute further to and from work and can eat meals in their cars instead of sitting around a table. This leads to actually eating in a distracted manner and actually consuming a lot more, and eating the wrong foods as there is less pressure to maintain healthy choices when you are alone on the freeway. You can in a sense "get away with it".

The number-one challenge in combating obesity is the environment we stay in, according so as to an Australian biologist who has obtained a Queen's Birthday honor in June 2015. The best way to address this 'obesity environment' is to redefine obesity research and make things cross disciplinary, said Professor Stephen Simpson, who has been granted a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC).

"It's very easy to say obesity is all a failure of perseverance but we've designed a world that makes it really hard," said Simpson," head of Obesity Australia, and of the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre.

For example, our political and economic system encourages a junk food supply system that generates processed food low in fiber and other important nutrients, and panders to our evolutionary drive for sugar and fat, he said.

"We've processed and industrialized our food source chain to satisfy these ancestral appetites that are no longer relevant to us and are damaging us." It's as though we have created the whole food cycle of supply on the inappropriate principles - profit and taste - instead of health and sustainability.
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Human's evolutionary motivation to conserve energy is also supported by our built natural environment and car dependence, and that reduce our need to put out energy keeping warm or by being personally active.

"All of these points, through nobody's fault, are just compared us and it leaves us with this real challenge. You should step in at all levels and at multiple places in the sophisticated system," he said.

Simpson is spearheading a new cross-disciplinary approach at the Charles Perkin Center and is well-placed to accomplish so given that he has a background in modelling complicated systems and cross disciplinary services.

Now a 'dietary environmentalist, Simpson started out as an entomologist, researching the feeding and swarming behavior of cicadas.

"I used grasshoppers at first since a model system for creating an entirely new way of considering nourishment," he said.

Central to this concept is that living things need a maximum balance of assorted nutrient types such as healthy protein and glycogen.
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"If you inform people to consume less to burn fat and you really don't gauge that our bodies do much more than count nutrients, then you're on a hiding to nothing.".

The Charles Perkins Facility involves clinicians, immunologists, metabolic biochemists, engineers as well as theorists, financial experts and community specialists.

"We've got individuals cooperating in techniques they've certainly never done before," said Simpson. "The model for how you get meaningful cross-disciplinary research and education and training which doesn't lose disciplinary credibility is unique.".

By working across all these disciplines, from excessive car travel to eating substandard food choices, people could really make an impact on their lives. You can see how bad it has gotten by following Lynne's story listed below.

"We simply see the tip of the iceberg. There's lots of folk seeing their GPs as a result of type two diabetes who will never come up to a hospital, at least except the moment.
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But they will probably in 10 to 15 years time and it's a little something our team need to address as a culture," supervisor of medicine Marcus Savage said.

In the present facility, three beds in a four bed bay often have to be shut down to sustain one heavy patient. Their length of stay is on average four working days greater.  A shortage of bigger, dedicated equipment is also a matter.

The bigger bedrooms in the new clinic will alleviate some of these obstacles, but will add an extra $1.67 million to constructing costs.

"We're obtaining more people who fit into the bariatric category as well as need beds like this to manage them properly, and they're getting heavier as well, so that it's a double whammy," Professor Savage said.

"They existing serious challenges from a medical point of view.".

Diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high pressure sores, mental health problems and an escalated chance of hospital-acquired infections are one of the issues.

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"Surgery is also a challenge given that it's very tough to wake up these individuals up. A bunch of the anaesthetic drugs diffuse into the extra fat cells and the anaesthetists have to keep them in recuperation for a lot even longer to make sure they wake up safely," he said.

Access to weight loss surgery in the public system is limited, with nine out of 10 bariatric operations taking place in private hospitals.

Indeed, this month a meeting of Australian surgeons heard that increasingly, obese people are being turned down for lap-band procedures because the risks outweigh the benefits.

Morbidly chronically overweight people are frequently being recommended to slim down before succumbing the scalpel.  Yet this may be challenging for folks with restricted mobility.

Community care for the average overweight patient amounts more than $42,000 a year, in comparison to roughly $7,600 for a non-obese individual.

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The numbers are striking, but at the bottom of the fiscal challenge for healthcare facility number cruncher are customers fighting sophisticated issues - individuals like Lynne, who confesses she ate "all the wrong foods", but often did so to deal with difficult emotions.

McDonalds and KFC were her favorites. "It got to the point where I didn't really care. I over-indulged, I ate for comfort. If I didn't know what I wanted to do I 'd think, I may as well go and eat.".

Professor Savage said the new hospital would provide better treatment, but stressed it was merely a response to the problem. The "cure" is unlikely to be a medical one.

"If you're drunk you're not allowed to be served in a pub, but it's ok for fast-food outlets to deliver high calorie food in quantities that you and I couldn't possibly eat to an individual on a daily basis. So there's a moral issue," he said.

"Some patients have feeders. They will have a relative or friend who will go to the supermarket or takeaway place and buy food for them to eat. There's psychology, there's genetics and, unfortunately, there's no easy answer.".

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He said disadvantage and a lack of education were often drivers, as were environmental factors such as a lack of access to fruit and vegetables, particularly in rural and regional areas.

"We also need to have to look at menu labeling for junk food shops, or tax to help make convenience food more expensive. It could be creating physical surroundings that encourage more physical activity safely such as bicycle lanes, and making it risk-free for children to stroll to university.".

"I'm looking forward to going home and visiting friends and even sitting out on the front veranda at home in the sunshine and the fresh air," she said.

"I'm enjoying a fresh fruit basket delivered to me as a get well gift. It really brightens my spirits.".