Lake Macquarie Christmas Fruit Baskets 2013

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Christmas in December

Short term planning leading up to Christmas is all about suitable storage – if you are fortunate enough to source some discount liquor, wine, beer, sparkling wine or soft drinks that is all well and good so long as you are able to store it effectively.  Remember, keeping your drinks in a cool ambient temperature means less energy costs bringing them down to refrigeration temperatures closer to Christmas.  Another novel approach is to buy your drinks at the discount prices and have the store hold them until closer to the day, or even to have them delivered to your home on Christmas Eve.

Pay attention to your kitchen tools and utensils – having your carving knife professionally sharpened is a good idea as blunt knives pose a safety risk.  Take a moment to ensure your frozen birds fit comfortably into your baking dish, and if you need a bigger dish take advantage of disposable aluminium trays – they are great on Christmas Day as you simply fold it in on itself and pop it into the recycling bin.  Chopping boards are also in heavy demand on Christmas Eve and through to the New Year – again, it can be really helpful to buy some vinyl boards of different colours to avoid cross contamination when handling the food.

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The week before Christmas

Finalise your shopping list and make a dedicated trip to the supermarket just to buy non-perishable items.  Getting items like napkins, candles, toothpicks, and plastic cups and plates all sorted well in advance frees your mind to concentrate on the big ticket items like food and presentation.  Spend a morning making your chutneys, relishes, jams, chocolates and fudges so they can be resting and the flavours developing that lovely complexity. 

It is also the time to get a few foodie friends around and put together you gingerbread house, mince pies, shortbread, biscotti, panettone, panforte and whatever other regional delicacies you include in your Christmas Celebration.  Especially in Australia, freeze ahead – one of the best things about most Christmas fare is that it can be made ahead of time and frozen – so on the day you can slowly release the frozen products and they can act as cooling agents around the kitchen.

Three Days Before Christmas

Getting closer to the annual Christmas Feast, you can now visualise exactly how things will unfold on the day and begin to actually place the food being served with your serving dishes, platters and utensils.  Perhaps now is also a good time to polish and clean your treasured heirlooms and family hand me downs.  Sending a Get Well Gift Idea to Lake Macquarie Private Hospital is simple.  If you have a particular favourite, go ahead and call Great Aunt Hazel and ask if she can bring the silver cake lifter over – every bit of authenticity and meaningfulness adds to the occasion.  After, it is Christmas.

Think about defrosting the large items – it can take a few days to fully defrost a large turkey.  Fill up your salt and pepper shakers and sugar bowls so they don’t run low and distract you on Christmas Eve.  If you have the room, you can set the table and iron the tablecloth, and arrange the candles in holders and lay out any decorations.  Now is also a good time to move the centrepiece into position and finalise the site of the display decorations.  Everyone enjoys a fruit basket recovering in a Lake Macquarie Ward Hospital.  Be mindful of where the sun moves throughout the day so you can arrange seating and display decorations out of the full glare of the sun but not in the best shady spots where guests may be inclined to linger in the cool air.

Just Before Christmas

Now you should be thinking of your last minute fresh produce, seafood and flowers.  Be careful as prices might fluctuate wildly between those sellers panicked that they may be overstocked and those who are selling out and wanting premium prices.  With clean hands make your stuffings and cover and refrigerate in bowls.  Likewise, Christmas sauces and desserts are best finalised now, if you have the luxury of a second fridge, it should now be filling up with items.  Be careful to place the items into the fridge in the order you will be removing them- ie last in first out.  Christmas Hampers and Fruit Baskets delivered to suburbs in Lake Macquarie.  This makes provision for less spills and minimises the chances of dropping or ruining a completed dish with contamination from another dish. 

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Christmas Day

On the big day you should be all ready to go with a memorable Christmas Day since you have made the time and effort to put in some planning beforehand.  Remember to allow for those who will not be present at the table by sending them a Christmas Hamper filled with some unique, hard to find regional fare just like handmade so they too can share in your Christmas spirit.  Christmas is a time for people dropping in unexpectedly, so having on hand a ready supply of extra items and fresh produce is always convenient and gives a positive impression that you have indeed prepared for and indeed expected their arrival.  Merry Christmas from the team behind Hunter Valley Hampers and best wishes for a joyous sharing time with your family and friends.