Fresh Foods You Should Eat Every Day!

As we all know,  a fruit Basket can be one of the most powerful ways to share your health and prosperity with a business associate, friend or family member.  But there are other things out there just as great at ensuring you get and stay healthy.  Have you ever considered vegetables?  Or salad greens?  Here's a great list to share on healthy fresh food tips.

Kale is widely being seen as the one stop shop for cancer prevention - it is high in glucosinuate - a compound that aids the body in metabolising oestrogen more efficiently - in other words reducing the risk of ovarian and breast cancers.

Aim for a serving of Kale each week and pause a moment longer by the vegetable section to actually find it and get used to it in all it's seasonal variations.

Kale is packed with antioxidant vitamins C and A and for bone and blood health you can't miss out on your vitamin K.

Boost your Kale intake by chopping the leaves finely after washing and simply stirring with oil, garlic and perhaps chilli.  Or go for a green smoothie like seems to be all the rage!
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